Greg Gutfeld Points Out Important Difference Between Violence and Political Protest

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has found something missing in the narrative surrounding anti-Trump protests that rocked San Jose last week and have been replicated on a smaller scale in communities across the nation.


“They are actually not protesters at all. They are violent thugs,” Gutfeld tweeted, elaborating on his theme that the protests are not political in tone, but are a form of mob violence.

Gutfeld suggested that the scenes witnessed in San Jose should be considered in a different context than a political event.

“What if you saw a man egging a woman in an Olive Garden?” he asked. “Or sucker-punching a man in a canoe?”

“So let’s drop the label ‘protester.’ It is BS,” he said. “If a mob of disguised men attacking a woman is a protest, what does that make looting? Aggressive redistribution?”

The violence is a call for a self-assessment on the part of liberals, wrote on commentator.

“Thursday’s violence erupted in a left-leaning part of the country that likes to think of itself as unusually tolerant. And yet, would its residents feel safe wearing a Trump 2016 t-shirt around San Francisco or Oakland or San Jose?” wrote Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic. “People in the Bay Area regularly—and often rightly—urge other parts of the country that are intolerant toward different people in different ways to engage in introspection and improve their community.”

“How many will do anything to respond to the fact that yesterday, at a political rally in their community, some of their neighbors got beat up merely for attending?” he wrote.