Warren TORCHES Hillary In Old Clip… This Is The Video Hillary Wants Buried Forever

Almost immediately after Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, the liberal media started speculating that she might tap Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate.

Immediately following President Barack Obama’s rather lackluster endorsement of Clinton, Warren followed up with her own statement endorsing the former secretary of state.

However, a video has begun circulating the web showing what Warren thought of Clinton in 2004.

In the video, Warren described how she had a meeting with Hillary Clinton, who at the time was first lady, about a bankruptcy bill that Warren didn’t approve of and that Clinton then tried to stop.

“The last bill that came before President Clinton was that bankruptcy bill … and he vetoed it. In her autobiography, Mrs. Clinton took credit for that veto, and she rightly should,” Warren explained.

Warren was pleased about this, but then explained that when Clinton was a senator that same bill came before her, only with much different results.

“One of the first bills that came up after she was Sen. Clinton was the bankruptcy bill … she voted in favor,” Warren said. “As Sen. Clinton, the pressures are very different.”

“She has taken money from the groups,” Warren added, implying that Clinton was essential a donor puppet.

Warren is a darling of the progressive movement in America who tried to make everyone believe she was part Native American to gain preferential treatment at Harvard University. She hasn’t been shy about going after Wall Street, capitalism, free market economics or anything else liberals hate about America.

There are other examples out there of Warren criticizing Clinton for taking millions of dollars from special interest groups, but Warren seems to have forgotten all that (just like how she forgot she wasn’t actually an Indian) and is now singing Clinton’s praises.

Warren likes to talk about how politicians don’t stand for anything, and she certainly is a prime example of that. Now that she thinks she might get a position of authority in a Clinton administration, she is willing to ignore everything about Clinton she doesn’t like just to get it.

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