Clinton Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward – Drops Massive Bombshell On Hillary

Ever since Hillary Clinton first entered the presidential race, a disturbing number of women have come forward to reveal that they were sexually assaulted by her husband Bill.

One of the most outspoken women who was assaulted by Bill is Kathleen Willey, who says she was attacked by the then-president in the 1990s. She was then swiftly silenced by Hillary, who used various intimidation tactics to keep her quiet. According to The Political Insider, Willey told Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio Sunday that she expects a “scandal a day” during Hillary’s White House run. She also pointed out that Hillary has no accomplishments that worthy her of being president.

“What has she done, what has she accomplished to run for president, to become the president of the United States?” Willey asked. “I can’t find, for the life of me, one thing. And if I could find one thing, I would acknowledge that fact. But I haven’t seen one single accomplishment that would give her the credentials to be president of the United States.”

When she was asked about Hillary calling herself a warrior for women, Willey said this assertion is “a joke.”

“Well, that’s a joke, if that’s her one credential for running for president, then why don’t I run. I’m a woman,” she said. “It makes absolutely no sense. … There are a lot more women out there way more qualified than she. The only thing Hillary has been successful on is riding in on the coattails of other men – like Obama and her husband. That’s it.”

Willey met Bill when she was working as a volunteer at the White House. When she asked for a paying job, Bill responded by sexually assaulting her. Later that same day, her husband committed suicide, and she said Hillary then used “mob like tactics” to keep her quiet for decades.

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