Moments After Obama Endorsed Hillary, He Had A Secret Meeting… And It Tells Us Everything

Only hours after President Barack Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president this Thursday, he met up with Attorney General Loretta Lynch for some sort of secretive closed-door meeting.

According to The Weekly Standard, not even the topic of the meeting was made public.

The odd timing and nature of this meeting further bolstered suspicions among some that the president intended to interfere with the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s illicit activities while over the State Department.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest tried to deny this allegation when called out by Fox News reporter James Rosen later that day, but he was not exactly known for being forthright and honest about … anything.


Speaking with Fox News earlier in the day, before either the endorsement or the meeting with Lynch had even occurred, Judge Andrew Napolitano speculated at the time that just an endorsement of Clinton in itself would amount to a “conflict of interest.”

“Well, it not only says to Comey and Lynch, ‘I know you’re investigating somebody, but I really want her to succeed me,’” he said. “That is called a conflict.”

It is a huge conflict, as well as proof that Obama lied in April when he maintained that there would be “no political influence in any investigation” into Clinton’s activities.

But what then would he call his endorsement? By publicly endorsing Clinton, he said to both the American people and FBI investigators that he trusts her, the potential evidence against her notwithstanding.

Obama never outright said, “Stop investigating her,” but sometimes actions speak louder than words — and his decision to endorse Clinton and then meet up privately with Lynch immediately afterward spoke volumes.

Specifically, it said that he cares zip zero about either the law or transparency in government.

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