Arab Company To Supply US Military Technology

Obama’s Pentagon shocked the country this week when they announced that they would be purchasing the most advanced microchips for its spy satellites, missiles and airplanes from a company in the United Arab Emirates. This has led many Americans to question whether a sabotage is being planned.

According to Conservative Tribune, this deal with Abu Dhabi-based Globalfoundries will run through 2023, at which point the enterprise will be the only company supplying the United States with advanced microprocessors.

Additional details about the seven year deal were not revealed.


Globalfoundries got the business from IBM last year, when it became one of the four largest producers of advanced microprocessors in the world. The General Accountability Office and lawmakers alike have said that having a single source for the microchips may not be a good idea, given the sensitive location of the parent company.

“Due to market trends, supply chain globalization and manufacturing costs, the (Defense Department’s) future access to U.S.-based microelectronics sources is uncertain,” a recent report by the House Armed Services Committee read.

Though the United Arab Emirates is arguably one of the stable countries in the Middle East, it is surrounded by several nations that aren’t stable at all. This arrangement also makes it easier for Middle Eastern nations that want to spy on the United States to do so.

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