SHOCK: Trump Releases Photo Of Obama & Hillary… Goes Viral For PERFECT Reason

President Barack Obama finally did what everyone knew he would do Thursday and endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president, now that Clinton has become the presumptive Democrat nominee.

Clinton, of course, has had a tempestuous relationship with Obama, going back to their 2008 primary squabbles. Back then, Obama told the truth about Clinton — a truth few in the media apparently remembered him uttering.

Donald Trump remembered it though. And because of one photo he posted to Facebook, he managed to make sure America remembered.

That’s the ultimate #tbt, and almost 200,000 people agreed, “liking” it. Another 100,000 shared it on Facebook, quickly making it a viral sensation:


We don’t support a lot of things that Barack Obama says, but he’s spot on when it comes to this one.

We don’t support a lot of things that Barack Obama says, but he’s spot on when it comes to this one.

Clinton was for free trade agreements like NAFTA, GATT and the Trans-Pacific Partnership before she was against them. She’ll probably be for them again soon, and then against them shortly afterwards.

Back in the 1990s, she was talking about harsher penalties for “superpredators” and building a wall to increase border security. Now, she proudly hoists the banner of Black Lives Matter and La Raza (until November, that is — then, who knows?).


If Hillary Clinton thought that getting the vote of the KKK was absolutely necessary for her to win the election, she would proudly parade down Fifth Avenue on a float wearing a kleagle’s hood and robes, a cross burning on the back of the vehicle.

Obama is right: She’ll say anything and change nothing. Now, though, Obama has “fundamentally transformed” America to fit his mold. That’s why he’s willing to endorse Hillary now — he knows she’s corrupt enough that he can count on four more years of his America-destroying agenda.

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