These women continue to crush it

I’m supposed to love football because I live in New Orleans, but I know absolutely nothing about football. In fact, I don’t care for most sports. Except women’s gymnastics. Then it’s on. The fact that it takes super full-body strength, cat-like balancing, and beautiful ballet makes my heart pound when they go to stick landings. Once a sport dominated by Russia and Ukraine, America has taken home multiple Olympic gold medals from this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. So what does President Obama have to do with that?


Teamwork Made the Dream Work

Aly Raisman, Madison Kocian, Gabrielle Douglas, Simone Biles, and Laurie Hernandez all rocked their performances during the Summer Games in August. With a strong team that truly supported each other, they went on to win the gold medal for All-Around Team. Not to mention Simone Biles severely crushing everyone else to become the best all-around gymnastic.



Back during 2012 Summer Olympics, who could forget McKayla Maroney dropping the ball on her vault, when she was expected far and away to win the gold. She stood on the podium for her silver medal, she was obviously trying to contain her frustration, disappointment and anger: which resulted in a her mouth turning crooked and pursed. She quickly became a meme and even shared her famous face in a photo with President Obama, showing that they both have a great sense of humor.


Who Rules the World? Girls!

On a recent trip to the White House, some of the gold medalists posed for some fun photos with the POTUS. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Obama made a statement that rings true. He said, “2016 belonged to America’s women Olympians. Our women alone won more gold than most countries did.” He was also proud of the diversity of the US team, which most countries can’t boast. “That’s one of the most extraordinary things about our Olympic team; There’s no kid in America who can’t look at our Olympic team and see themselves somewhere.”

But the best is yet to come with Obama…


Best. Photo. EVER

While the gymnasts show off their skills in the East Room of the White House, the President isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Here he is doing his best attempt at a split, while in a suit. “I was going to do a floor routine on the way out with Simone, but we decided it was a little too crowded,” the President joked.

It wasn’t just our shining gymnasts who made the trip to DC. Obama invited hundreds of other American olympians and paralympians. Thanks, Obama!

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