See How Much Your Favorite Houses From TV and Movies Would Really Cost Today

If you’ve spent much time watching TV or movies as an adult, you’ve probably, at one time or another, wondered if you could afford the house or apartment of your favorite characters.

Well, because it’s Hollywood, the answer is “probably not.” But, it never hurts to look, and a few of the examples listed below might be well within your means.
Mortgage Advisers went through the trouble of appraising and spec’ing ten of your favorite residences from TV and movies, so pick your favorite. And hope that the one you picked is real.
Some of these houses really exist. Some are just stages that have been assembled, and the one above?
Well, that’s a cartoon, so you might not want to spend too much touring that one.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Yup. This one really does serve as a palace for the Fresh Prince. At $20 million, it’s pricey even by fictional lawyer standards.
Congrats to Uncle Phil on all his success!



Don’t you dare say crime doesn’t pay. Tony Montana may not have been the most moral guy around (That’s a bit of an understatement), but he certainly was able to capitalize on his cutthroat execution on drug trafficking.

(Included in the sale price: A giant “The World Is Mine” globe.)


Harry Potter

While Hogwarts might have been a pretty imposing castle, Harry Potter got his start in much more modest digs courtesy of the Dursley family.

Of course, throwing cash down for this place would just enrich the Dursley family, so maybe you’d rather find a similar house that isn’t owned by such rotten folks.


The Great Gatsby

Sure, it helps that this place has had almost 100 years to appreciate in line with the New York real estate market, but at 50,000 square feet, you and fifty or so of your friends could split it up and throw parties that rival even the ones from the book and films.


Forrest Gump

If you’re looking for a charming southern residence, you might be surprised to learn that Forrest Gump has surprisingly good taste.

Also, he’s a hard worker, and I’m sure the place is just filled with stories…


The Hobbit

This one is a niche property. Bilbo Baggins’s residence in Middle Earth isn’t very convenient for most commuters, and it’s got a pretty small scale, so you might find yourself hitting your head a lot.



This giant Greenwich Village apartment is probably about as mythical as The Hobbit place. I mean, where do a chef and a waitress score a place like this?

We’ve seen two real estate booms, so this place will set you back $4 million, and that doesn’t even include free coffee at Central Perk downstairs.


Breaking Bad

This is a house with a story behind, but it’s one you’d probably rather not hear.

It’s got a crawlspace, and what appears to be the outline of a pizza on the roof.

Pontiac Aztek not included.


The Simpsons

Finally, something that a regular person can get their hands on!

This modest house has plenty of space, friendly neighbors, and a colorful cast of characters nearby.


The Sopranos

This house might be a little…much for people with simpler tastes, but there’s no denying its comfort.

It’s got a swimming pool which you can often find occupied by ducks (and, once, a bear).

Lots of fun hidden panels containing cash and guns make for exciting scavenger hunts for new owners.