Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Everyone needs to exhibit good manners or etiquette in all things particularly when in public.

Your adherence to etiquette shows how polite, good mannered and well brought up you are.

The elite are distinguished by their:

Common courtesy
Clean and tidy appearance
Ability to restrain emotion
Proper speech and vocabulary

Here are etiquette rules that you should be aware of:


#1 When you walk with someone and the person greets a total stranger to you, you should also extend your greeting though you don’t know the person.


#2 You will indicate to someone during a meeting that you are either bored, or really not interested in the meeting if you place your mobile phone, tablet or smartphone on the table while the meeting is going on. If you also fiddle with your phone during a meeting it suggests that you are not interested.


#3 Don’t be shy to eat sushi with your hands if you’re male as it is allowed.


#4 Thank people that have helped you, always show your appreciation and never take a person’s help for granted.


#5 You can help a lady with her coat and put it in a cloakroom, however never carry a lady’s hand bag.


#6 Meet your friends in person if you want to hang out rather than wasting time chatting on the phone on meaningless conversations.


#7 Try not to laugh too loud no matter how funny a joke is, don’t talk loud either and never stare at a person it is considered very rude.


#8 If you’re driving on a rainy day be careful not to splash puddles of water on pedestrians.


#9 When you go to a cinema or theatre walk to your seat while facing those sitting.


#10 Where you have made a mistake and apologised do not repeat the same mistake.


#11 Always respect women.


#12 Being trendy is good but don’t start the fashion trend as you could end up looking silly.


#13 Greet everyone in a room you enter no matter who you are.

Practice makes perfect so you should make these etiquette rules a part and parcel of your everyday living and train your kids from a young age so they too can imbibe these rules early on.