BREAKING: FBI Sends Warning To Hillary About Evidence In Investigation

While presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her supporters may be cheering the fact that she has seemingly survived a grueling primary season that she was supposed to breeze through on her way to a coronation, they may want to temper their celebrations just a bit.

Despite Clinton’s many claims that her private email server scandal was no big deal because she did nothing wrong, the FBI has nevertheless been engaged in a lengthy criminal investigation into her email practices and possible corruption during her tenure as secretary of state.

Just in case Hillary and her sycophants want to still brush off the investigation as little more than a “security review,” the FBI just filed a motion in federal court essentially declaring everything that was contained on Clinton’s private server and email accounts as potential evidence of criminal wrongdoing, according to The Hill.


“(A)ll of the materials retrieved from any electronic equipment obtained from former Secretary Clinton for the investigation are evidence, potential evidence, or information that has not yet been assessed for evidentiary value,” read part of the filing by the FBI.

The filing added that any additional release to the public of these materials “could reasonably be expected to interfere with the pending investigation.”

This is strong evidence that the mere act of having a private server upon which to store official State Department documents was in the eyes of the FBI a crime in and of itself in the first place, regardless of intent or whether the server was hacked or classified information leaked or mishandled.

Unfortunately, other than clearly stating that everything Clinton has touched in regard to her email server was evidence in a criminal investigation, the FBI would neither confirm or deny any of the other outstanding questions pertaining to the investigation, such as what laws may have been broken, who has been interviewed already, or even whether Clinton herself really was the target of the inquiry.

Another unfortunate outcome of this filing by the FBI was that it will effectively put a halt, albeit temporarily, on the multitude of various FOIA lawsuits and open records requests regarding the emails of Hillary and her top aides, as those documents will be considered “evidence” that cannot be released publicly out of fear that it could interfere with the criminal investigation.

We must now wait on the FBI to wrap things up, hopefully in a timely fashion, or else we can add more time on to the ludicrous “75 years” time frame the State Department just issued as to how long it will take them to respond to all of the lawsuits and requests regarding Clinton’s emails.

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