WikiLeaks Founder Shuts Down Democrats’ Claims About Emails

“I have seen Hillary Clinton apologists talk …”

Over the past few days, much of the talk surrounding the presidential race has been about the WikiLeaks dump of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails showing what appears to be a concerted effort to harm Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign and ensure the nomination of rival Hillary Clinton.

In the aftermath, the DNC has issued an apology to Sanders and his supporters and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been forced to resign from her position.

Ever since the emails were leaked, Democrats have pointed the finger at the Russian government, claiming that it hacked the DNC’s server and leaked the information to WikiLeaks in a concerted effort to get Republican nominee Donald Trump — whom they say is “too Russian friendly” — elected president.

Speaking on the issue Monday night, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told NBC News’ Richard Engel that “there is no proof whatsoever” that the roughly 20,000 leaked DNC emails came from Russian intelligence.


NBC News reports that three cybersecurity experts claim the DNC’s servers were hacked by Russian intelligence, but Assange said the DNC server has been unsecure for a long time and the leaks could have come from any number of sources.

“The emails that we have released are different sets of documents to the documents of those [that] people have analyzed,” he said. The WikiLeaks founder continued, explaining that some of the leaked emails being analyzed didn’t even come from his organization. “I have seen Hillary Clinton apologists talk — or some experts talk — about other material, and not the material that we have released,” he said. Regardless, Assange maintains this is not important and merely a distraction from the true issue, which is what was actually in the emails.

“The real story is what these emails contain, and they show collusion at the very top of the Democratic Party” to derail Sanders’ campaign, he said. Some pundits have said the matter is of no consequence because Clinton was going to beat Sanders no matter what the DNC did, but Assange does not see it that way.

“Would Hillary Clinton have won anyway? Maybe, maybe not. I think that it’s completely up in the air now, and so the result of the nomination process has no political legitimacy,” he said.

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