Simple Fast Food Hacks To Remember For Your Next Order

Every now and then, we all like to turn a blind eye to the nutrition facts and indulge in a good ol’ greasy fast food meal. Sometimes it’s out of convenience, sometimes it’s just because it’s too good to resist. Popular go-to fast food chains include:

Burger King
Taco Bell

By now you probably have your order embedded into your brain and don’t think too much of it. However, there are some simple tricks that could make your next order even easier!

Here are 12 simple fast food hacks you’ll want to know before your next meal-on-the-go!


1. The next time you order a burger from Burger King, customize it! When you customize your burger, you’re guaranteed to get a patty that’s fresh from the grill rather than one that’s potentially been sitting around.


2. If the Filet-O-Fish is your go-to McDonald’s order, try swapping out the regular bun for a steamed one. The steamed bun is so much softer and fluffier that it compliments the Filet-O-Fish like the regular buns could never dream of.


3. If the prices of bottled water at Starbucks make you gawk, just ask for a Venti cup filled with water, it’s free!


4. Love McDonald’s chicken nuggets? If you’re ordering a bunch, don’t buy them in bulk. Instead, order your nuggets in quantities of four, not only does it end up being cheaper, you get more dipping sauces!


5. Take advantage of the McDonald’s fries carton by folding back the back arc so you have a little area for your ketchup.


6. To get some extra crunch from your next Taco Bell order, ask for your meal of choice to be grilled a second time. Once you experience that extra crunchy goodness, there’s no going back.


7. To get more meat on your Chipotle burrito without the extra cost, ask for equal portions of chicken and steak.


8. While no one loves a line keeping them from their greasy wonder of a meal, but going at rush times ensures that you’ll get the freshest and hottest meal.